Pre SFL History

The seed of sim football that would grow into the SFL was planted in 2008.

The idea began with Blitz: The League 2, simulating games and reporting final scores on message boards. The idea: What if video game created teams had seasons and story lines just like the NFL?

In 2009, the idea was brought to the forefront with Backbreaker. The sim community responded and efforts to organize a league were formalized.

In 2010, the WAFL launched, but the season lasted just three weeks, due to the poor reception of the game itself and the rookie status of the WAFL and it’s operations.

Later in 2010, the league tried again on the Backbreaker platform with slimmed-down expectations. Again, the game and a split among owners on whether or not to move forward with Backbreaker caused a divide, and a second failed attempt at the concept.

In 2011, the league went in a new direction, adopting NCAA Football 2010 as it’s game of choice. 12 teams participated in the first successful WAFL season, with the Louisville Wolfpack crowned as champions.

The success of 2011 brought four new teams in for 2012’s season – a stellar one – capped off by a title for the Delaware Destruction.

2013 was a trying time, as the league dropped down to 15 franchises and failed to complete it’s third season, as enthusiasm over NCAA’s product decreased. The SFL was born later that year, dropping down to seven teams, taking the best ownership groups from the WAFL with it.